EM Lifestyle Brand Transformation

In early 2021, Eros Maskulin Pro took a huge leap forward by transforming into a lifestyle brand. Throughout the past 1 year of selling organic hair wax and pomade, we realized a huge opportunity to scale the business into fashion and lifestyle industry.

EM Pro Lifestyle Nissan GTR

We know that the brand needed a complete new look & image, and we redesigned our Organic Pomade to make it fit with the style we wanted on a product, a piece of item that we are all passionate about.

EM Pro Organic Pomade Brand New Look

Within the next 3 months, we envision that the Eros Maskulin Pro brand as a whole will propel to become a brand known for its passion, lifestyle and the spirits of living a dream lifestyle.

What's YOUR dream? ENVISION it and MAKE it happen.

- Team EM